When you first get your braces on, your mouth and your teeth are going to be very sensitive. In order to reduce your level of pain as much as possible during this time, there are certain things that you can do. This article will discuss 3 excellent tips for helping your mouth adjust to braces, and it will explain why these things can help you:

Use Wax

Since your gums are not used to having anything against them when you first get them on, they are going to get very sore from rubbing against the metal of your braces. The metal wires at the back of your mouth may also poke into your gums and cause them pain initially. In order to reduce this pain as much as possible, you can place wax on the areas of the braces that are causing your mouth the most pain.

The wax will be given to you by your orthodontist when you first get your braces on, and they will show you how to firmly press the wax against the metal wires and brackets of your braces in order to get it to stick in place.

Take Ibuprofen

Another great way to help reduce the pain that the braces add to your teeth is to use modern medicine. Since ibuprofen is used to reduce pain and inflammation, it can help to lessen the pain in your gums, and also reduce the pain that you feel in your teeth as they begin to move. You should take the ibuprofen as recommended on the medicine bottle, and only when you are feeling pain.

You will likely need to take it quite often at the beginning, but after a short period of time your teeth and gums will begin to adjust nicely to your new braces. You may also need to take ibuprofen when you get your braces tightened because at this time your teeth will begin to move even more, and will be sore once again. 

Eat Soft Foods

When you first get your braces on, and each time that you get your braces tightened, it is a good idea to eat soft foods. Your teeth are going to be very sore at this time, and biting into hard foods will simply make them feel more sore. Eat foods like oatmeal for breakfast, soup for lunch, and pasta for dinner. Snacks like yogurt and pudding are also great because they are soft enough that your teeth will not have to do much work chewing at all.

If you need more orthodontics help, contact a professional for more information and answers.