Do you need to wear dentures? Are you thinking about talking to your dentist about getting dental implants? Before you talk with your dentist, here are some things to consider:

Dental implants can mean less dental care time: If you currently wear dentures, does the thought of needing to scrub the dental adhesive from your dentures make you reluctant to wear them? With dental implants, your dentures will simply snap on and no adhesive is needed. While you'll still need to brush and clean your dentures, you'll no longer have to spend time removing the adhesive. Instead of trying to decide whether dealing with the adhesive is "worth it" today, you'll be able to enjoy your dentures more fully.

Dental implants are more comfortable: Without teeth in your mouth, the bony ridge under your gums will start to shrink. This is the main reason that your previously comfortable dentures will become loose and start to create sore spots. With dental implants, your dentures are fixed firmly in place while in your mouth. Because they are fixed in place, they won't be able to rub against your gums and cause discomfort, making them a more comfortable choice in the long run.

Dental implants can look and feel more natural: If you're a denture wearer, you've probably worried more than once about your dentures falling out at an inopportune moment. This anxiety can make it difficult for you to enjoy your day and to fully focus on the important moments in your life. Fortunately, the permanent nature of dental implants means that this type of worry will be a thing of the past. You'll be able to have more confidence when speaking and eating, giving your mannerisms a more natural and relaxed look.

Full implants are usually a better choice than mini implants: Just a couple of regular dental implants will usually do a better job of stabilizing dentures than mini implants would. Full size implants are typically stronger and will last much longer than mini implants. In most cases, mini implants are intended to be a temporary or interim solution. However, mini implants may still be a good choice if you're ineligible for regular dental implant surgery. Mini dental implants are less invasive than full-size implants, meaning that there is less risk involved in the procedure. Because of this, the procedure can be completed in just a few hours.

Although dental implants aren't for everyone, they can be a great choice for people who need to use dentures. A dentist at a clinic like Merrimack Valley Periodontics will be able to help you with any further questions you might have, such as potential costs and recovery time.