Many people lose their teeth as they age due to a reduction in jawbone density or tooth decay. Regardless of the reason for your missing teeth, you would probably like to have your appearance and chewing ability restored, especially if you are missing an entire palate of teeth. 

Here are a few teeth-replacement options that are commonly used for full-palate restorations:

Conventional Dentures

What are conventional dentures?

Conventional dentures are false teeth that are mechanically connected to a base plate. Usually, the dentures are made of resin, but some dentures are made from porcelain, which is a bit heavier. Both materials mimic the sheen and color of natural tooth enamel.

The base plate of the appliance is made of resin or metal, and it provides a base for the false teeth.

Conventional dentures are held in place using the natural suction force produced when the dentures rest snugly against your gums. Thus it is imperative that the dentures fit your gums exactly. Although denture adhesive can be used to add additional clinging force, if the dentures do not adhere to the gums properly, they may slip about as you talk or eat. 

Are they removable?

Conventional dentures are removable, even if they are implant-supported, which means that the appliance includes a mechanism that allows the dentures to be connected to dental implants. You can take the dentures out for routine cleaning, rinsing, or inspection. 

Is there special maintenance?

Conventional dentures can be cleaned by soaking them in denture-cleaning solution or by brushing them with denture toothpaste. In addition, they can be rinsed or stored in cool water. Hot liquids may warp or disfigure the resin.

"All on Four" Dental Implants

What are "all on four" dental implants?

All-on-fours are dentures or bridges that are secured to the gums by four dental implants. The appliance fits the mouth precisely but is prevented from slipping about by the connection to dental implants, which offer the same level of support or stability as natural teeth.

Are they removable?

All-on-fours are not removable. Instead of a patient-controlled mechanism for disconnection, the appliance is permanently connected to the implants by screws. Thus, the all-on-fours can be treated just like natural teeth. 

Is there special maintenance?

All-on-fours can be brushed just like natural teeth to remove plaque, food particles, and oral bacteria from the mouth. Although the teeth cannot incur cavities, their cleanliness is important for gum health.

To learn more about all-on-four dental implants, schedule an appointment with a dentist in your area.