Did your child recently have their wisdom teeth pulled and are they now suffering from dry socket? This complication after the case can be painful, and it will cause them to want to find any relief to the pain that they can get. That's why it's common to want to try home remedies first before you consult a dentist. Here is how you can treat dry socket at home with some simple, natural ingredients.

Rinse Your Mouth With Salt Water

One of the first things your child should try is rinsing with some warm salt water. This home remedy will add moisture to the part of their mouth that is experiencing dry socket, and cause the gum tissues to be less inflamed. In addition, rinsing cleans out any food partials that could be in the socket, which can also cause irritation.

You can do this by mixing about 2 tbsp of salt into a small glass of warm water. They'll need to swish it around for about two minutes, and then spit the solution out.

Apply Clove Oil and Turmeric

Once the area has been rinsed out, help your child apply a paste that is made using clove oil and turmeric powder. Turmeric has natural antiseptic properties, and can provide anti-inflammatory benefits that help soothe and clean the tissue that is swollen. Clove oil will help desensitize your nerve endings, which will give the pain you are experiencing instant relief.

Mix together ¼ teaspoon of the turmeric, and about 5 drops of the clove oil. Let the mixture dissolve for approximately 10 minutes. If your paste has a gritty appearance to it, try putting in another drop of the clove oil until it has a creamy appearance.

Your child can apply this paste directly to the socket with a cotton swab, then put gauze on the socket so that the paste can soak in. Leave it there for half an hour, then they can rinse out their mouth using warm water.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil also offers pain relief when it comes in contact with the gums. To do this, soak a cotton ball in some peppermint oil, and place it on the area that is causing them pain. Leave the cotton ball there for 15 minutes. Remove the cotton ball, but don't rinse out the area. You'll need to avoid eating or drinking for an hour so it can penetrate the gums.

These tips will only provide your child with some temporary pain relief. Be sure to visit a children's dental care specialists, like those at Dentistry For Children & Adolescents, to properly address their issue with dry socket.