If you are going to be wearing partial dentures or full dentures you will find that the process for getting used to them and taking proper care of them is pretty much the same. You can learn about tips for getting used to them and taking proper care of them by reviewing the information that is offered in this article.

Increased gum contact

The first few days of wearing your new dentures are going to be the worst. They will be touching your gums constantly in places that aren't used to being touched and this can cause irritation. However, if you notice that the pain is intense or that you are getting inflamed and bright red gums then you should go back in to see your dentist, the dentures may need an adjustment. If it's just normal irritation from not being used to them then you can take an anti-inflammatory to help with the irritation.

Speaking and eating

Once you get over the initial irritation of wearing your new dentures, your next feat will be to learn how to speak and eat with them in. One way to learn how to speak with them in is to grab a book and read it out loud to yourself. Pay attention to the way you pronounce the different sounds and figure out which letters you have the most trouble with. Practice saying words with those letters and sounds until you get it down. When it comes to eating, start with softer and easier to chew foods and move on to more solid foods a little bit at a time so you don't end up biting your tongue a lot during the process.

Taking care of your new dentures correctly

The most important thing to remember is that your dentures are strong in your mouth, but relatively easy to break when they are out of your mouth. Never remove them unless you are situated above a soft surface and make sure you keep a firm grip on them at all times. Rinse them off in cold water, but make sure it isn't extremely cold. Soak them overnight in a covered case that isn't near the edge of something where they can get knocked over. Clean them with denture cleaning supplies, rinse them well and put them back in.

You always want to remain conscious of the fact that you are wearing dentures. This way, you won't do something that can cause you major issues, like popping a piece of gum in your mouth without thinking. It might take a week or two, but finding a new routine to protect your dentures is worth it. Talk to your dentist, like Elizabeth Loseke DDS, to learn more.