There are some secret weapons you can add to your dental care arsenal to help protect your teeth from problems like cavities, stains, and other issues. When you add these weapons into your dental care regimen, you can reap the benefits of keeping your teeth in great shape for years to come. Here are some of the secret weapons you may want to start using regularly.

Water is a great weapon when it comes to protecting your teeth

You know you are supposed to be drinking plenty of water each day because it helps you stay hydrated and it helps make sure your body stays healthier. However, you may not have a solid understanding of all the different ways it can be a great weapon with regards to fighting off a lot of dental issues.

Water keeps your mouth moist which helps prevent bad breath and unhealthy gum tissue. It also rinses down food and drink particles that have pigments in them that can stain. Water also rinses down acidic and sugary foods which can damage teeth.

Sugarless gum helps you in the war against cavities and discoloration

When you eat something and you aren't able to floss, you can instead turn to that piece of sugarless gum for help. The gum will pull food out of your teeth. In fact, it can reach in places that dental floss can't even get to, such as the ridges of your molars. An added benefit to chewing gum is you also get instant fresh breath. Don't use gum with sugar or gum that has been brightly colored or you will actually be increasing the chances of cavities and staining.

Electric dental care weapons can help fight many problems

An electric toothbrush can help your teeth get a lot cleaner faster and without all the manual scrubbing of a regular one. It has a head that vibrates quickly, giving each tooth a really good scrubbing. A water pick used at the end of the day will blast anything still stuck in or on your teeth right out so it doesn't lead to the development of plaque while you are sleeping.

Your dentist is your mouths best line of defense against dental issues

Regular visits to your dentist is the best way you can go about warding off dental problems, catching them early and starting fast treatment before problems get worse and cause you unnecessary suffering and the need for invasive treatments.

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