Has a holistic treatment that you tried with your oral health gone awry, and now you have a serious oral health complication? Did you try to do something on the Internet that you read was safe, but you now you fear that you could have done damage to your mouth and you are suffering in pain? You have to get to a dentist right away to see if you are at the risk of a serious health problem and to get your teeth examined right away.

Potential Infections

If you have a cavity or some gum tissue damage, your oral health is exposed to infection. If you were swishing around a product, chewing on a specific material, or trying to use something that could have gotten stuck in the cavities or damaged tissue, you could end up with a serious infection. You have to get to the dentist so they can see if there is anything caught in the teeth and gumline. If so, the dentist can offer treatment as well as pain management if the infection is causing pain.

Enamel Damage

The product that you are putting in your mouth could be doing damage to the natural enamel. The enamel is important for these reasons:

  • It protects teeth from staining
  • It prevents cavities
  • It helps prevent sensitivity

If you have been eroding the enamel with your holistic treatment, you may be causing discoloration and sensitivity while you eat and drink, and you may be allowing the potential for cavities.

Chemical Poisoning

Just because something is natural doesn't mean that you should put it on your teeth or in your mouth, and it doesn't mean that you should swallow it. Small doses of some naturally occuring substances every day could be causing poisoning in your body, and you could be in even more trouble if you have been using the product more than you should because you want better results.

If you can feel that something isn't right with your oral health, and you think that the problem could be a new natural oral health treatment plan you have been trying to follow, it's time to go get the advice and care from a dentist. You want to get x-rays done to see if you have damaged the teeth, you want to make sure you don't have an infection or cavity that needs treated, and you need to have the tissue examined. The sooner you get in, the better. This way you can know whether you are safe or need more medical care.