Do you have tooth decay? Sometimes it is present, but the affected individuals do not realize it is there. This is due to the misconception some people have that dental cavities have to be brown or black in color. One of the main reasons you should see a dentist is to ensure that you are aware of signs of premature tooth decay. The sooner you can confirm that you have cavities, the better your chances are for salvaging the affected tooth. A less aggressive restoration approach may also be needed. The following points will help you to understand the restoration options that can help to save "rotten teeth."


This is an option that many people are familiar with, and there are also many people who have this restoration option. Dental fillings have been a common restoration choice for many years. Today's fillings are more discreet. In yesteryear, fillings were metal, and the metal material was obvious. Dentists still use metal as a filling option today, but there is also the option for composite fillings. These give the restored teeth a more natural appearance, because the composite material is tooth-colored.

The options chosen by dentists vary based on a number of factors. For example, some patients may be allergic to certain metals. This would make choosing composite fillings a better option. There are also situations when metal fillings result in sensitivity to hot or cold foods. Dentists may elect to extract the metal fillings, and replace them with composite fillings to ensure patient comfort. 


This is an option that may be available depending on the severity of the decay. This option can be compared to caps that are placed over teeth. It is an option that you would likely see on a person's front teeth. The tooth-colored caps are placed over the teeth. They are designed to hide tooth discolorations.


This is the chosen option when severe tooth decay is present. Teeth that are severely decayed are usually not suitable for a filling. In some cases, additional restoration efforts, such as root canals, are needed prior to the installation of the dental crowns. Dentists examine teeth and make their decisions accordingly. The good news is that patients also have the option to choose tooth-colored dental crowns.

A dentist is a good resource to use to learn more about restoration techniques. They can determine which options are best for your dental health. Some individuals require multiple types of restorations. This is because some of their teeth are in worse condition than others.