The condition of teeth can contribute to having a lot of confidence, or they can cause pain that is unbearable. The biggest mistake that many people make is not brushing their teeth enough to prevent plaque from accumulating. Plaque ends up causing cavities, gum disease, and numerous other problems that require attention from a dentist. Sometimes a root canal is necessary for treating dental problems, such as if there is an abscess present. Read the information below to learn about dental problems and how they are typically treated by a dentist.

Frequently Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can be embarrassing when it occurs on a constant basis. The blood can also interfere with the way drinks and food tastes when it mixes with them. If your teeth have been bleeding more than usual, it can mean that your gums are diseased. Periodontitis is a serious type of gum disease that must be diagnosed and treated by a dentist before it leads to a number of other problems. Gum disease is usually treated with a prescription of antibiotics, but it depends on the overall damage it has caused.

Lumps Full of Fluid

Lumps is one of the most serious types of dental problems, and they usually appear on the gums. However, the lumps can also develop beneath teeth that are infected, such as from a deep cavity. Basically, a lump is usually an abscess that is full of dangerous pus, but it can also be a cyst. A root canal is necessary for treating a dental abscess, as it allows the pus to be removed in a safe manner. A root canal involves drilling a hole down into the pulp chamber, removing diseased tissue and nerves, draining the pus, and filling in the hole.

Weakened Tooth Enamel

A typical dental problem that both children and adults tend to experience is the weakening of tooth enamel. Tooth enamel weakens when plague is left on it for a long time, as the acids in it begins to cause deterioration. When the deterioration gets to the point of holes developing, a dentist can fill them in to prevent further damage. However, getting the holes filled in will only be good on a long-term basis if you begin brushing your teeth on a regular basis. It is in your best interest to contact a dental clinic to find out if you are in need of fillings, root canals, or other types of treatment for your teeth. 

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