If you've lost teeth, your dentist will likely prescribe dental implants as the perfect restoration method. The high success rate of these implants makes them popular. A skilled oral surgeon can restore your teeth and give you a natural smile. If you've opted to undergo a dental implant procedure, you might be curious about what to expect or do. If you know how to get ready for the initial appointment, you will proceed with the new experience easily and confidently. Here is some information on how to get ready for a dental implant procedure.

Undertake the Initial Assessment

This phase entails a full examination to verify your jawbone's condition. Your dentist performs X-rays, tests impressions and matches your gum color to get a natural look.  The dentist determines the most ideal dental implant procedure for your situation. If you have several teeth to swap with implants, you'll undertake additional tests with other consultants such as maxillofacial surgeons or periodontists. They assess your oral health and consider other medical situations you have, as well as any medications you're taking. You should ask all the questions you have and provide your dentist with crucial information. It helps them create a procedure that guarantees implants success.

Take Antibiotics

After your evaluation, your dentist can prescribe antibiotics based on your immunity levels. This reduces the chance that your body will attack the implants when they're fixed. If you have chronic ailments, you should take antibiotics.

Prepare Physically and Mentally

Before undertaking a dental implant procedure, your dentist checks whether you react to anesthesia or dental materials. If you're on other prescriptions that interact with sedatives, a skilled dentist knows the right adjustments to make. You'll need to prepare physically and psychologically for the procedure. It's advisable to have adequate rest a few days prior to the implantation.

Jaw Examination and Preparation

Successful dental implant procedures require a firm jaw. Your dentist determines whether your jaw requires additional prepping. If it has a weak structure or it's too bulky, they'll propose reshaping or grafting. If there are remnants of fractured teeth inside the jaw, they'll have to be extracted.

Prepare For the Big Day

If your dentist has fixed an appointment for the actual dental implant procedure, you should make personal preparations. Your dentist will ask you to fast before the big day based on the anesthesia method planned. It's advisable to take any medication that your dentist has prescribed before the procedure. Remember to wear comfortable clothing and ask a friend or family member to drive you to the clinic. It's prudent to discuss payment options and check whether dental insurance is the perfect alternative. Talk to skilled dental implant specialists if you need peace of mind for your first dental implant procedure.

To learn more, contact a dentist about dental implants.