Sugary snacks, juice, and sports – three things that may not seem connected at all, but that can actually be damaging to your child's teeth in the heat of summer. Below are three ways you can ensure your child's teeth survive the summer while still maintaining your sanity. 

Make Healthy Snacking the Easier Choice 

When your kids are on the run, it can be difficult to ensure they're choosing healthy snacks over sugar-laden ones. To ensure healthy snacking takes center stage, consider making it the easiest option for your child.  

Let's face it – the easier snacking option is usually the most popular one and for obvious reasons. Make healthy snacks the easier choice by stocking your fridge with prepared fruits and vegetables. Prep can take as little as 15 minutes once a week and can go a long way in ensuring your children get the nutrients they need while avoiding high-sugar options that can only lead to weakened enamel and cavities. Fruits and vegetables, such as pineapples, strawberries, melon, broccoli, and carrots, can be easily cut and stored in serving-sized baggies or containers to make them the obvious on-the-go option. 

Get Creative with Hydration 

Keeping your kids hydrated during the hot, summer months may seem like a full-time job, but with a few creative tricks, your kids can stay hydrated and their teeth can remain healthy and strong. 

Juice is commonly offered during the hottest months of the year to ensure children are staying hydrated – water just seems so plain and boring compared to fruit punch. While juice may offer a bit of relief, its high-sugar content causes more harm than good. Instead, there are natural ways of flavoring water that are gentler on your child's teeth and better for them. 

Mint leaves are a delicious and refreshing addition to water, and they can be mixed with fruits such as watermelon and strawberries for a tropical, hydrating beverage that your kids will love to drink. But don't stop there – these delicious concoctions can also be blended and frozen to make healthy and hydrating popsicles. 

Practice Safe Sporting 

A pick-up game of baseball may not seem dangerous, but dental injuries are an all too common occurrence during the summer months, and simple preventative steps can be taken to ensure the odds of injury are lessened. 

Mouth guards, which can be purchased from any sporting goods store, are essential to the safety of your child's teeth. They stabilize the jaw and can easily prevent teeth from chipping, cracking, or breaking in the event of a sudden impact to the mouth. Mouth guards are easily transported and are even available in fun colors, so your children can show off their style while still practicing safe sporting. 

In the event that an injury does occur, it's important to know what steps to take to properly preserve the tooth and care for the injury until the help of a dental professional can be sought. To learn more about proper care techniques, speak with your child's dentist, such as someone from the Randolph Dental Group

Keeping your child healthy and safe is your number one priority, no matter the season. With the tips listed above, you can keep your child's teeth healthy and strong through the summertime and beyond.