If you don't have dental insurance, you may believe that going to the dentist on a regular basis is simply out of your budget.  However, you really can't afford to avoid the dentist, since oral care is so important to your overall state of health.  Even without insurance, there are methods you can use to get the dental care you need without breaking the bank.  Use this information to learn more about what you can do to obtain affordable dental care as soon as possible.

Volunteer for a Dental Trial

One technique you can use to get dental care when you don't have much money is to participate in a dental trial.  The field of dentistry is always evolving, and a large part of the technological leaps that are made in this industry rely upon people who are willing to volunteer for the trials that are aimed at improving dental care for everyone.

When you participate in a dental trial, not only will you be able to have dental work done without paying any money, you will often be given monetary compensation for your participation.  Depending on the length of the trial that you volunteer for, you could be receiving free dental care for an extended period of time, as the dentists measure your progress and documents the data for their research files.

You can find a dental study in your area by checking this website.  If you don't see anything in your local community, continue to check back periodically, since new studies are constantly being added.

Ask about Pro-Bono Days

Although some people may not know it, there are a number of dentists that hold pro-bono, or, free days at their clinic.  This is done as a service to the public by dentists who understand that everyone doesn't have the means to obtain dental care without some assistance.

You can find out when the pro-bono days are at area clinics by giving them a call.  The free days are typically only offered a few times each month, so be prepared to rearrange your schedule so that you can be first in line.  Keep in mind that when you are calling around, you'll want to ask if you will need to bring proof-of-income when you come for your visit so you won't risk losing your spot.

Obtaining dental care is entirely possible no matter what your budget restrictions may be.  Start using these tips right away so you can get the dental assistance that you deserve. For more information, talk to a dentist like Health Centered Dentistry.