If your child had just gotten braces placed on their teeth, they will most likely be going to the orthodontist regularly to have tightening sessions done as part of the treatment plan in straightening their smile. These sessions often lead to some discomfort and mild pain not long after the procedure is done. Here are some ways you can help your child get through the uncomfortable part of tightening sessions so they do not suffer as much.

Reduce Inflammation With Cool Temperatures

After the wires or ties holding the braces into place on the teeth are adjusted, your child's gums may sustain some inflammation from the procedure. Applying cold temperatures to the area can be an effective way to reduce swelling, which often contributes to mild pain. Purchase a gel ice pack and have your child hold it against the skin on the outside of the mouth opposite the area where the pain is felt on the gums. This should be done no longer than fifteen minutes at a time to help numb the area effectively. Another idea is to have your child drink cold beverages. This will instantly give the area some relief from the pain or discomfort they are experiencing.

Use Over-The-Counter Medications To Ease Pain

Before your child goes to their tightening session, give them a low-dose over-the-counter pain reliever to thwart pain before it begins. By the time your child is called into the office, the pain reliever should be doing its magic in combating discomfort during the session itself. When this wears off, a topical anesthetic gel can be applied directly to the gums to help desensitize the feeling in the area. Make sure to read the instructions on each of these remedies so they are not given too frequently, and stop their usage when your child stops complaining of any pain in the area.

Avoid Foods That Will Exacerbate The Symptoms

When the gums are feeling sore, eating foods that are hard to chew can make the feeling even more pronounced. It is best to stick with soft foods when the gums are not up to par. Stick with rice, scrambled eggs, pasta, mashed potatoes, and soup so your child does not need to move their mouth very much after their tightening procedure. Treats can be given in the form of milkshakes, smoothies, applesauce, fresh fruit, and pudding. These are usually served cold, giving the benefit of the cool temperatures to sooth the gums while your child enjoys the taste of the food. 

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