Even if you are very enthusiastic about maintaining good oral hygiene, some of the actions that you may take could actually be worsening your oral hygiene. Certain bad practices may lead to expensive dental practices down the road, even if they are made with the best intentions.

Brushing Too Hard

When you brush your teeth too hard, you can erode the enamel and make your teeth more vulnerable. This is especially likely if you use a hard-bristled brush and when you brush more than necessary. It is best to brush after every meal, but brushing too hard, too often can ruin your teeth. 

Brushing Too Soon

After you have had something to eat, you may want to rush and brush your teeth. However, doing it too soon can actually harm your teeth. Certain foods, such as tomatoes, contain acids. When you brush your teeth shortly after consuming them, you are brushing these acids into the enamel and causing the enamel to erode more quickly. If you wait and brush your teeth later, you will allow the acid to become neutralized and you can then brush off the food residue.

Crunching Too Much

Avoid crunching on food too often, whether it be popcorn or ice cubes. The stress caused by crunching can wear your teeth down and can cause them to eventually fracture. Eat softer foods more frequently and have harder foods more sparingly. 

Using Teeth As Tools

You may try to use your teeth as tools when you should be using an actual tool. For example, you may need to tear open a package and your fingers just can't get it open. You may then try to rip it open with your teeth. However, doing so can place stress on your teeth and increase the chances that they fracture. Also, your teeth tend to do a worse job than the appropriate tool. Biting your fingernail can cause it to look mangled. You'll never get a clean cut with your teeth like you would with a pair of scissors.

Choosing The Wrong Toothpaste

Consult with your dentist over the best toothpaste to use. Some toothpastes can actually erode enamel, such as those that are listed as providing tartar control. If the toothpaste feels very gritty, there is a good chance that it is too abrasive. Your dentist, like Timothy D Calkins DDS, should be able to recommend a toothpaste that will help you achieve your oral hygiene goals and that will not harm your teeth.