Does it feel like you're getting older and older every time you look in the mirror? Do you wish that there was a way to turn back the clock and to lose as many signs of aging as possible at once? Unfortunately, using makeup and various youth serums on your skin can only go so far. To really combat signs of aging, you need to tackle them from inside and out. While you might expect to visit a physician or a nutrition expert to help you combat signs of aging, not everyone realizes that a dentist can help you play a crucial part in looking and feeling younger. Here are some things that a dentist can do.

Brighter teeth: It's no secret that teeth can yellow and discolor with age. One of the first things that the anti-aging dentistry can do is take a look at your existing teeth. For teeth that are extremely yellowed, your dentist may skip a whitening solution in favor of putting veneers on your teeth. Veneers are a great way to make a tooth instantly look cleaner, brighter, and younger. The veneers can be brilliantly white or, if you want, they can be a shade of white that is lighter than your normal teeth but that doesn't look excessively bright.

Tooth restoration: It's quite an accomplishment to be able to keep all, or at least most, of your teeth as you get older. However, teeth will naturally start to wear down as you age. This isn't always immediately obvious to either you or to anyone else, but you may still have something "off" about your smile. Anti-aging dentistry can use caps and other dental procedures to help restore your teeth to a more youthful size and shape, helping make you look years younger.

Better jawline: As you lose teeth, the bones in your gums will start to soften and dissolve, losing size and density. A good set of dentures can make it look like you still have all of your teeth, but they can't stop this bone loss and a collapsed look that can appear around your mouth as a consequence. Fortunately, anti-aging dentistry can help stop or reverse at least some of this bone loss by fitting you with dental implants. The actual implants that hold the teeth in place will be inserted directly into your gums, affixed to the bones underneath. While not exactly like your original teeth, the implants can provide your gums with enough stimulation that the bones in your face will not start to decay, and this will help you to look younger than you are.

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