Few things are quite as nagging as having a piece of food stuck between your implants that you can't seem to get out. Not only is this irritating, but also it can be painful and increase your risk of a gum infection. Learn some of the causes of this problem so you can work to avoid it.

Poor Hygiene

Although your implants aren't real teeth, you need to practice an oral hygiene regimen that treats them just the same. In most cases, recurring problems with food being stuck in between implants is the result of poor hygiene.

Are you brushing the entire surface area of your teeth and not just the front? Are you flossing? If your answer to these questions is no, you could be to blame. Remember, oral hygiene isn't just about fresh breath; it's also about removing any leftover food particles from your mouth. Increase your hygiene efforts.

Poor Positioning

An implant that is not positioned correctly could also be to blame. Any misalignment within the placement of the implant can create an opening around the area. An opening that is easy for loose food particles to get stuck inside. While poor installation techniques are sometimes at fault, sometimes poor care is to blame. When implants are installed, there is generally a great deal of swelling in the area.

For this reason, providers generally have the patient return to the office periodically as the swelling goals down to ensure the implant is positioned correctly. If there is an issue, they can quickly resolve it before a problem occurs. However, if you don't make these visits, any misalignment issues will go unresolved.

Incorrect Implant Size

A less common reason for issues with food being stuck around the implant is improper size. Implants should be selected based on the size of the space around the missing tooth. If the implant is too small in comparison to this space, similar to poor positioning, it creates a gap that allows food to get inside.

If this issue is to blame, the entire implant generally must be removed and reinserted in the appropriate size to close the space and keep food out. If the implant is only slightly too small, they may be able to install an abutment which will help close the space.

If you keep getting food stuck in your implants no matter your efforts, it's time to visit your dental provider so that the underlying problem can be addressed. For more information, contact a business such as Rose City Dental Care.