If someone you love is suffering from an eating disorder, then this is something you want to take seriously. You want to make sure they get the help they need, so they can begin living a healthier lifestyle and prevent a lot of other health issues from happening. While you may not be in the position of telling them what to do, you may want to arm yourself with knowledge about the different things they want to watch for and things that can negatively happen to them if they continue on without getting help. When it comes to eating disorders, here are three professionals that you should suggest your loved one sees.

Their regular doctor

You should convince your loved one to go pay a visit to their regular physician. They should have an exam to see where they currently stand with regard to their health. Their physician may want them to take certain medications or vitamins to help them stay healthier. Also, their doctor may refer them to an eating disorder specialist or even a nutritionist depending on the seriousness of their situation. If their eating disorder condition is bad enough, the doctor may even want to hospitalize them to help them gain weight because they are seriously undernourished and in a dangerous spot. The doctor may want them to go into a treatment facility for eating disorders.

A therapist

You should try to get your loved one to go see a therapist who will be able to help them by listening to them and giving them advice on different things that can help them to work through negative things that make their condition worse. While a therapist may not be able to help your loved one to move past their eating disorder, the therapist can help them with other important insights, such as recognizing things they need to do, like going into a treatment facility or taking other big steps toward getting healthier.

A dentist

Eating disorders are extremely hard on a person's teeth. If a person isn't eating enough food, then their teeth won't get the nutrients they need to stay strong. A person who under-eats can even lose their teeth. A person who binges and purges will also be damaging their teeth. When they throw up, stomach acids will go in their mouth that will eat away at the enamel of their teeth. Once the enamel is thin, the acids will continue eating away at the teeth to the point of causing cavities and even decayed teeth. Your loved one should see a dentist in order to find out what dental care can be done to correct damage already done and help prevent future damage.