If your child has reached one year old, it's time to introduce your child to the pediatric dentist. As soon as your child has their first tooth, they can go to the dentist to have their teeth, mouth, and jaw looked at. As your child grows, pay attention to foods that improve oral health and those that can cause problems with their oral health. Even though your children have a first set of teeth that they lose quickly, it is still important to establish good oral hygiene habits right from the start. When you teach your children proper brushing and flossing combined with a healthy diet, your children with have healthy teeth for a lifetime.

The First Dental Appointment

When your child is really young and only has a few teeth, the first dental appointment is basically to get your child familiar with what goes on at the pediatric dental office. Your child might sit on your lap and have their teeth examined. The dentist will look in your child's mouth to see if there are any obvious problems. The goal is to get your child familiar with the dentist so that they aren't afraid when it comes time to see the dentist the next time.

Healthy Foods That Promote Good Oral Health

Sugary, sticky snacks are bad for the teeth because they promote decay. Food that helps teeth are things like leafy, crunchy vegetables. Not only do the crunchy vegetables give your child the nutrients they need for healthy teeth and gums, they also help clean the teeth in between brushing. Crunchy vegetables act as an abrasive, cleaning the teeth and removing anything that can destroy the enamel on your child's teeth.

Brushing and Flossing Habits

When your child's teeth come in, brushing can be introduced. You can use a finger toothbrush to gently massaging your child's gums with the brush on your finger. This helps your child get used to brushing and it will help clean their mouth at the same time. As your child gets older and has more teeth, flossing becomes important, too. You can use flossing sticks designed for children that are easy to hold and can fit between their teeth.

When your child eats a healthy diet with plenty of crunchy vegetables, their oral health will be protected. Bring your child to the pediatric dentist early to get them used to going to the dentist so that they don't have any fear.