If you are new to wearing dentures, you might be struggling with a few things. Getting used to having a denture plate in place can take some time and practice, but eventually, those dentures will feel as natural as the teeth you were born with. Here, you'll find a few tips that can make the early days of wearing dentures a little less stressful and more comfortable.

Discuss Problems With the Dentist

Seriously – nobody will be able to answer the questions about the problems that you're having better than the dentist treating you. If you feel a sore spot forming somewhere in your mouth, pick up the phone and call. If you feel that the denture slips when you bite into something – call the dentist.

The dentures should fit your mouth perfectly, especially since they've just been made to fit your mouth. If they aren't fitting, the dentist can make alterations to ensure that it fits exactly as it should. He or she will continue making adjustments until you are pleased with the fit and the denture stays securely in place.

Carry a Travel Denture Case

There will be times that you just have to get the dentures out of your mouth – even if it is just for a few minutes while you're sitting in traffic. It can be a relief to get them out in the beginning. Carry a travel denture case with you at all times, as well as some hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes. Always make sure to clean your hands before handling your dentures – you don't want to contaminate the denture and put it in your mouth where the bacteria and germs that are on your hands can spread to any open sores or even just expose you to common illnesses.

Use the Cleansing Tablets

Many people make the mistake of not cleaning their dentures the way that they should. Sure, they might brush them off, but they don't soak them in the cleansing solutions like they should. Those cleansing tablets do more than just make the dentures smell and taste fresh; they also help to maintain the color and condition of the denture.

Tip: If you buy the cleansing tablets in bulk, you can save quite a bit of money over the course of a year, and you'll not run out of them for a very long time.

Talk with a dentist, like those at Cape Dental Care, to learn more about what could be causing your problems with your new dentures.