Losing several teeth to decay can cause you to feel uncomfortable in many ways. If you no longer have several teeth because they were severely damaged and you needed to have them extracted by the dentist, you may now feel uncomfortable whenever you open your mouth to talk to someone. Not having several teeth can make anyone feel less confident about the way that they look. It can cause problems for you when you are trying to chew your food and enjoy some of the stuff that you would normally eat, such as steak, chicken, pretzels, and popcorn. If you feel less confident and you are struggling to eat food because you are missing several teeth in a row, talk to the dentist about dental bridge treatment. You could get a dental bridge that closes the unwanted gap, makes it easier for you to chew your food, and restores your confidence.

Why Is a Dental Bridge Ideal?

When you are missing a few teeth, a dental bridge is ideal because it is just like a bridge of teeth in your mouth. The exposed gums are covered with dental crowns that function like natural teeth. If you have three teeth in a row that are missing and you have natural teeth on both sides of the gap, those natural teeth may become the anchors for your dental bridge. The dentist could have crowns designed that would look similar to your other teeth. The crowns are often custom created in the lab to resemble a person's teeth in shape, color, and size. Custom creation is such an important part of the dental bridge treatment process because you do not want the crowns attached to your dental bridge to stand out and look artificial.

What Is the Procedure Like?

If you are getting a dental bridge, you may need to visit the dental office on several occasions because it is a step-by-step process. The dentist will need to shave down some of your natural teeth to make room for the anchor crowns, take impressions to see how much space he or she is working with, and install a temporary bridge for you to use while you are waiting to have your custom bridge created. When your bridge is ready for you, the dentist will insert it in the open space between your natural teeth to make sure it is a good fit. The dentist will ask you if it feels comfortable and then put it in place by using dental cement that will keep it intact. It is not a painful procedure. Once you have your bridge put in place, it may take a few days for you to get used to it. However, you will feel good knowing that you can smile and talk with confidence because you are no longer missing several teeth.

Decay can cause teeth to become severely damaged. If you needed to have your teeth extracted because of severe decay, you may now have multiple missing teeth and gums that are exposed for everyone to see. If you feel less confident without your teeth and you are having such a difficult time trying to chew foods that you would normally eat, ask your dentist about dental bridge treatment. You might be a good candidate for a dental bridge that would replace your missing teeth and help you feel confident again. The bridge includes dental crowns that blend perfectly and look completely natural. While you would need to make multiple trips to the dental office for this type of treatment, it is a procedure that is worth considering when you want to feel confident and chew your food with ease again.

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